Study well

Study well addresses the themes covered in our workshops on procrastination, navigating uni, criticism, feedback, imposter syndrome, high workload, and burnout.

Online resources


  • Try out this goal breakdown worksheet to help you achieve goals in small steps and overcome stress and procrastination.
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique. for focus and regular breaks.
  • Habitica is an app to help you motivate yourself to achieve goals, by turning all of your daily tasks into little monsters to conquer.
  • Use the phone app Flipd (available on ios and Android) and the browser extension Leech block to lock your devices while studying and prevent distraction.
  • Try the websites/desktop applications LifeAt, Virtual Cottage, and Lofi Café which combine anti-distraction, calming backgrounds, study music, and pomodoro timers, in one place.

Navigating uni life


  • Check out these eight tips on how to handle criticism well.
  • Read about how practising positive self-talk improves your holistic self-acceptance of all aspects of yourself.
  • Try keeping a gratitude journal to help you combat the inner critic and approach your feelings from a place of curiosity and acceptance.
  • Listen to Mamie Morrow’s TED talk about the importance of belief in our own ability to succeed.


Imposter syndrome

Managing a high workload and preventing burnout

Professional support

Sometimes, you will need support and guidance from health professionals to help you through tough times. Reach out and seek support when you need to.

There are free health and wellbeing services on campus and outside of the University that provide support and information to students.