Specialist software

Specialist software for learning and research—including Endnote, JMP, Matlab, NVivo, and SAS—is available from the University's software download centre.

You can go to the University's software download centre to get apps and tools to support your learning and research. This specialist software is in addition to apps like Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint, which you can download via the Office 365 site.

The available software includes:

  • Endnote—a tool for managing references and citations in academic reports and essays
  • JMP—software for statistical discovery and visualisation
  • Matlab—a tool for computation, visualisation, and programming
  • NVivo—data analysis software
  • SAS—analytical and statistical tool.

The software download centre is run by Digital Solutions, the University's IT systems and support team.

Go to the software download centre