Updating your name, gender, or pronouns

How to update your details in University systems, and how we can support you if you want to change your legal name or gender.

Update your details in Pūaha

Use the Pūaha student portal to update the preferred name, gender, and pronouns that the University holds for you in its systems.

Go to the 'My Profile' section (from the top right-hand icon), and select the 'Personal details' tab. The 'Edit personal details' link (bottom right-hand corner) will pop up a window. Remember to use the 'Update' button to save your changes.

Student ID cards

You can request a replacement student ID card that shows your new preferred or legal name. Email student-cards@vuw.ac.nz, stating your student ID number, your date of birth (to confirm your identity), and your new name as you would like it to appear on the card.

Certificates and academic transcript

Your qualification certificate and academic transcript will be issued in your legal name because they are legal documents.

Your preferred name will be read out at your graduation ceremony. If you have not set a preferred name in Pūaha, your legal name will be used instead. If you have concerns, email graduation@vuw.ac.nz—ideally several weeks before your ceremony.

If you legally change your name after receiving your certificate, you can pay to get a replacement copy of your certificate.

Changing your legal name or gender marker

What you can change depends on your residence status and where you were born:

How we can support you

Pūtea Āwhina—Hardship fund can help with ‘costs associated with sexuality and gender identity for LGBTQIA+ students’. These costs can include the cost of legally changing your name, sex or gender marker, and supporting documentation.

Our Kaiārahi Kahukura—Rainbow and Inclusion Adviser can guide you through the legal name change process, and help you apply for funds from Pūtea Āwhina.

Updating your legal name change in the University's systems

If you have legally changed your name, visit the Enrolment help desk on level one of the Hunter Building (HU103) to update your name in the University's systems. You'll need to bring an original copy of your new birth or name change certificate.

Find out more about updating your name in the University's systems