Children on campus

Find out about your options if you need to bring your child or children to campus.

There may be times when you need to have your children on campus with you or are unable to attend lectures or tutorials because of your care responsibilities. Childcare arrangements can change suddenly, you may be breast or bottle feeding, or your child may need to be close to you some days.

Sometimes you will be able to give plenty of notice and other times plans change quickly and giving notice is not possible. It is best to contact the lecturer/tutor as soon as you can manage, to assist their ability to accommodate you.  Most classes will be delivered online as well as in person. Find out how teaching and learning is being delivered.

Research students can discuss support required in juggling research and caring for children with the Faculty of Graduate Research and/or supervisors. While some research students are allocated an office space, it can be distracting and disruptive for others working nearby. The University has dedicated spaces for babies and children (see University Kids Wellington), and The Bubble (Student Union Building, level 2) is a place where children are able to play.

The University’s Safe Campus Policy provides guidelines for the safety of children on campus who are under 15 years of age.

Key points to highlight:

  • students are able to bring their children onto campus and they need to be supervised at all times
  • parents/caregivers are responsible for their children's safety and actions while on campus
  • staff organising events that may involve parents/caregivers must ensure that, where appropriate, arrangements for supervision are made
  • children are allowed in classes on an occasional basis, or for an agreed period of time—students must request permission in advance from the lecturer or tutor
  • if it's not possible for a parent or caregiver to attend class because of their responsibility to a child/children, the lecturer should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the course material is provided to the absent student.