Study enrolment requirements for loans and allowances

Although you need to be enrolled in full time study to qualify for allowances, living costs and course costs through student loans, other support is available.

Please note: Equivalent Full-time student (EFTS) is a measure used by StudyLink to assess eligibility. Taking 120 points is the same as 1 EFTS.

Minimum enrolment

Minimum study commitment to be eligible to have your fees paid by Student Loan:

  • 30 points /0.25 EFTS

Full-time study

You must be enrolled as a full-time student to get an allowance, living costs and/or course related costs through student loan:

  • One trimester = 48 points/0.4 EFTS.
  • Full year (two or three trimesters) = 96 points/0.8 EFTS.
  • Trimester 3 (summer) enrolment only = 36 points/0.3 EFTS.

Any student loan/allowance application cannot be greater than a 52-week period and should not run across two academic years.

Limited Full-time study

In some instances students may qualify for Limited Full-time enrolment status. For more information contact StudyLink.

Postgraduate enrolment

Full-time study status is only one of many criteria a student must meet to qualify for Student Loan and/or Allowance. For more information or to apply for your Student Loan/Allowance visit the StudyLink website.

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