University publications

Victoria University of Wellington produces a number of corporate, student, recruitment and research publications.

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A–Z of publications

Annual Report

Our Annual Report provides an overview of financial performance and a look back on the highlights of the year.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister

A document for the Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills Hon Penny Simmonds, who was appointed to the position in November 2023, and copied to the Minister of Education and Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology.

Investment Plan

The Investment Plan sets out the commitment of the University in the use of government funding.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan sets the University’s strategic goals and plans to achieve them.

University Calendar

The University Calendar is a yearly publication that includes dates, deadlines, contact information, statutes, policies, course of study statutes, and general university information.

Victorious is our magazine for alumni and friends of Victoria University of Wellington, and celebrates the achievements of other alumni, staff and students.