Information for participants

If you’re signed up for WILP, this page will tell you all you need to know about how participation in the different components works.

The Wellington International Leadership handbook is a great place to start. It has everything you need and want to know about the programme.

The Wellington International Leadership Programme team host an orientation session for newly registered participants at the beginning of the trimester. This covers information about participating in seminars, speaker events, and experiential activities, and answer any questions you have about completing the programme.

Most information about WILP events is advertised on CareerHub. When you sign up for WILP, make sure you have registered on CareerHub.


There will be a maximum of 30 places available in each seminar. This is to ensure that there is sufficient opportunity for you to interact and contribute to the discussion.

Each seminar will be no more than two hours, and run during the late afternoon and evening. They are for registered WILP students only and will be held during Trimesters 1 and 2.

To maximise your participation in WILP and increase your global competency, most of the seminars require some preparatory reading and/or pre-seminar tasks or follow-up readings.

Speaker events

Preparation is not usually required for speaker events. They are often public events and therefore the audience will not be exclusively WILP students.

Ensure that you have the correct date, time and location for the speaker event—please be punctual and allow for travelling time. Occasionally you will be required to notify the respective organisers in advance, through an email or phone call (called an RSVP) of your attendance at the event.

Check the RSVP requirements for each specific speaker event under the Speaker Events tab on Nuku.

Diplomatic Dialogues

Diplomatic Dialogues are exclusive WILP speaker events. Attendance at Diplomatic Dialogues is limited to 30 participants.

Reflective feedback

After each seminar you will be expected to submit reflective feedback that demonstrates your participation.

For both seminars and speaker events, you are required to analyse the key global issue in the session and give your opinion on it. We encourage your active participation and point of view. It is recommended that you reflect back within one to two weeks of the events as topics will still be fresh in your mind.

Experiential opportunities

To complete the experiential activity component of WILP you will need to attain 200 points. Different activities are worth different numbers of points.

More information about how this works, and the points for different activities, will be given to you in your orientation session.

All activities must be undertaken whilst at the tertiary education level and within your current degree at Victoria University of Wellington. Experiential activities will not be awarded retrospectively.

A full description of all experiential activities for domestic students and international students can be found on Nuku, under the Experiential tab.