Support pathways

We understand that raising concerns and making a complaint can be a bit scary and can sometimes be a distressing process.

You are encouraged to seek support before, during and after raising a concern or making a complaint. You do not have to cope with this alone and there are a number of free and confidential services where you can access support.

You may wish to access specialist counselling, receive advocacy support, or need academic adjustments and support.

Choosing your own support

You have the opportunity to choose your own support person or people to guide and support you through the complaints process. This could be a whānau member, a member of your wider community, or anyone else that you feel is appropriate. There are also a number of professional support services available to you—check them out below.

Complaints and Conflict Resolution Advisor

The University has a specialist staff member who can provide students information, pathways and support for raising concerns, giving feedback and making complaints. They can support you to make choices about what pathway is right for you. They will work with you to understand the impact and ensure you have access to the right supports. If you would like to make an appointment you can email them at

What you can expect from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

You can expect to:

  • be listened to and taken seriously
  • be provided with information about how your complaint will be handled and how it is progressing
  • for your complaint to be handled in a timely and efficient way, including in a way that is appropriate to the level of complexity or sensitivity of the complaint
  • have the issue consider from a cultural perspective
  • have the complaint managed in a way that complies with natural justice.

If you require the services of a translator, email the Conflict Resolution and Complaints Advisor. Find out more about your options for raising concerns and making a complaint.

Counselling support

It is important to think about your emotional wellbeing needs. Explore your options for support inside and outside of the University.

Need to Talk

You can contact Need to Talk anytime of the day or night to speak with a trained specialist by texting or calling 1737.

Mauri Ora—Student Health and Counselling

Mauri Ora—Student Health and Counselling provides confidential holistic health care and wellbeing support. Clinics are based on the Kelburn and Pipitea campuses. Call 04 463 5308 to make an appointment.

Academic support

Confidential support for academic matters is available for all students to ensure the impact on your studies is limited. You may need to access extensions or have academic adjustments made, you may need extra time, special exam considerations, or support to access lecture material. You do not need to disclose what happened to academic staff, and adjustments can be made without academic staff needing to know your circumstances.

You can have a confidential conversation about your academic needs and receive support from the Conflict Resolution and Complaints Advisor by emailing

International student support

International and refugee-background students may experience a number of barriers when raising concerns or making a complaint. You may experience a lack of social support, financial stability, access to resources, or have language barriers. It is important you know there is support available to you, that you know your rights, regardless of your immigration status, and that your cultural beliefs are understood and respected.

The International Student Support team can support you through any of the meetings or conversations that you have. You can contact the Wellington University International Student Support team by calling them on 04 463 5350 or by email

The advisor for refugee-background students connects students with appropriate services. He offers support and works with the community to make sure our campuses are a safe and inclusive environment for all students. You can visit Kodrean in SU212 in the Student Union building (near The Bubble) or email him to book an appointment.

Advocacy and legal support

There are options for seeking advice both on and off campus

The Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) Student Advocate is 100% independent from the University and can help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities, and help raise an issue or make a complaint.

You can email, call 04 463 6984 or text 022 563 6984, or visit the VUWSA Reception, Level 4, Student Union building, Kelburn campus.

Wellington Community Law

Wellington Community Law offer limited free legal advice drop-in sessions at Wellington and Lower Hutt Offices and at venues in the community. Access more information about their service.

Safety support

If you feel unsafe – either on or off campus – there are urgent and non-urgent options for seeking help


If you are concerned for your immediate safety or the immediate safety of someone else you should contact Police on 111.

Campus Security

Campus Security maintains a 24-hour presence on campus in order to ensure safety and security.

They patrol all campuses, responding to emergency situations and coordinating First Aid responses.

To report an emergency call 0800 842 8888.

If you want to discuss safety concerns on campus where there is not a threat to your immediate safety, you can contact Security for professional advice and guidance about safety. You can reach the Safety Coordinator on 04 463 6053.

Student Interest and Conflict Resolution

For confidential advice and support about feeling safe on campus you can talk to the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team who will work alongside you to develop a plan to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

You can contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team during business hours by emailing or by calling 04 463 5023.

Hall of Residence support

If you are living in one of the University’s residential halls and want to talk to someone about the wellbeing, safety and academic support you can receive from the hall staff you can contact: