External complaints processes

There are options external to the University for you to consider for seeking resolution should you not be satisfied with the outcome of your complaint.

You can contact the following:

Pastoral Care Code obligations

Under the Pastoral Care Code the University has responsibilities and obligations for how we respond to complaints. You can learn more about them on the NZQA website (PDF).

Under the Pastoral Care code there are a number of pathways to take your concerns externally if:

  • the University does not accept the complaint (or you or the University perceive the University does not have the cultural competency to deal with it)
  • you are not satisfied that the University has made adequate progress towards resolving your complaint
  • you are not satisfied with the University's internal complaints process or outcome.

It might be that you want to seek resolution of a contractual or financial dispute by way of a complaint or referral to an appropriate body or agency depending on the subject matter of the dispute, for example:

You can also make a complaint to the code administrator if you believe that the University is failing to meet the outcomes or requirements of the Code.

International students can go to iStudent Complaints.

Domestic students can go to the Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution service.