Track your progress

Use the myDegree tool to measure your progress towards completing your degree—you can also get help from your Student Success Adviser.

The myDegree tool makes the study path of your chosen qualification clear by comparing the courses you have completed to the requirements of your chosen degree, major, and minor subject(s). You can look for any remaining requirements that you need to finish your degree.

Access the tool via the Pūaha self-service portal, if you’re currently enrolled in either an undergraduate or an Honours programme.

If you need help figuring out how you’re tracking towards your degree, want to confirm the remaining requirements for your degree, or have any questions about the myDegree tool, talk to your Student Success Adviser.

Log in to myDegree

How to use myDegree

The summary panel lists your degree(s), major(s), and minor(s), as well as the academic faculty that you’re a part of.

Progress towards your degree

On first (‘Academic’) tab, you will see the courses you have completed, how many points you have towards your degree, and what you need to do to complete your degree.

There are two ‘progress circles’ showing:

  • The percentage of the requirements (specific courses and points at different levels) for your programme of study that you have completed.
  • The percentage of the total points needed for your chosen degree that you have completed.

Each degree, major, and minor that you’re enrolled in has an expandable panel. These panels indicate how many points you’ve completed (‘applied’) towards that element of your programme of study.

Each requirement is listed with an icon indicating your progress:

  • Completed: green circle with a tick.
  • Currently studying towards: blue half-filled circle.
  • Not started or completed: open red circle.

Some courses, typically at 200- and 300-level, have one or more prerequisites. These are other courses that need to be completed before you can enrol in your intended course. In the myDegree tool, these are indicated with a blue clipboard icon.

Planning changes

Switch to a second ‘What if’ tab to explore what will happen if you change your degree or courses. It’s a good tool to use before you add or drop courses or re-enrol for the next academic year.

Use the ‘What if’ tab to:

  • Explore the impact of changing your degree(s), major(s), or minor(s).
  • Evaluate the impact of individual courses towards your path to achieving all of the requirements of your programme of study.

Find out more about using myDegree for course planning.

Academic transcripts

You can’t get an official audit of your qualification(s) or an academic transcript through myDegree, as it is a planning tool only.

If you require an audit, contact your Student Success Adviser. If you require an academic transcript, you can get a free digital one through myeQuals. Find out more about academic transcripts.

Changing your courses

You can't use myDegree to change the courses that you're currently enrolled in. Find out how to add and drop courses.