Qualification colours

Find out which colour hood or stole lining is used for graduating with your particular qualification.

Degree Colours of hood or stole lining
Applied Finance Champagne/Tartan Green stripe        
Applied LinguisticsFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Applied Statistics Adonis Blue/White stripe
Architectural ScienceHorse Chestnut/Antique Gold stripe
Architectural Science (Research)Horse Chestnut/Antique Gold stripe
Architectural Studies Nasturtium/Plum stripe
Architecture Nasturtium
Architecture (Professional) Nasturtium/Plum stripe
Artificial IntelligenceAdonis Blue/White stripe
Arts Rose Pink
Arts (Applied) Clover
Biomedical Science Turquoise
Building Science Nasturtium/Black stripe
Business (Professional)Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Business Administration Old Gold
Climate Change Science and PolicyAdonis Blue/White stripe
Clinical Immunology Adonis Blue/White stripe
Clinical Research Adonis Blue/White stripe
Commerce Marigold
Computer Science Adonis Blue/White stripe
Conservation Biology Adonis Blue/White stripe
Design Kenya Red
Design Innovation Kenya Red/Orange stripe
Design TechnologyKenya Red/Orange stripe
Development Studies Adonis Blue/White stripe
Drug Discovery and Development Adonis Blue/White stripe
e-Government Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Education, Education (Teaching) Peacock Green
Educational Psychology Peacock Green/Brick Red stripe
Engineering Pansy
Engineering Practice Pansy/Cardinal Red stripe
Environmental ScienceAdonis Blue/White stripe
Environmental Studies Adonis Blue/White stripe
Fine Arts (Creative Practice) Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Geographic Information Science Adonis Blue/White Stripe
Global BusinessChampagne/Tartan Green stripe
Global Management Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Global Marketing Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Health Care Emerald/Purple stripe
Health PsychologyEmerald/Peony stripe
Health Research Emerald/Purple stripe
Indigenous StudiesFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Information Management Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Information Studies Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Innovation and Commercialisation Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Intercultural Communication and Applied TranslationFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Interior Architecture Nasturtium/Plum stripe
International Relations Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
International TradePompadour/Purple stripe
Landscape Architecture Nasturtium/Plum stripe
Laws Pompadour
LinguisticsFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Literature Rose Pink
Marine Conservation Adonis Blue/White stripe
Meteorology Adonis Blue/White stripe
MidwiferyEmerald/Purple stripe
Migration Studies Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Museum and Heritage PracticeFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Museum and Heritage Studies Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Music White
Musical Arts White
Music Therapy White
New Zealand Studies Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Nursing Science Emerald/Purple stripe
Philosophy Post Office Red
Philosophy, Politics, and EconomicsFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Political ScienceFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Professional Accounting Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Professional Business Analysis Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Professional Economics Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Public Administration (Executive) Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Public Management Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Public Policy Champagne/Tartan Green stripe
Science Empire Blue
Science in SocietyAdonis Blue/White stripe
Secondary School Leadership Peacock Green/White stripe
Software Development Pansy with Cardinal Red stripe
Strategic Studies Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Teaching and Learning (Primary or Secondary) Peacock Green/White stripe
Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesFuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Theatre Arts Fuchsia/Tartan Green stripe
Tourism Management French Beige
User Experience DesignHorse Chestnut/Antique Gold stripe
Undergraduate diplomas and certificates Tartan Green/Indian Yellow stripe

Need clarification on your colour?

If you require clarification on your hood or stole colour, email gown-hire@vuw.ac.nz