How to re-enrol

Use this step-by-step guide to re-enrolling for the next academic year—simply plan your studies, select your courses, and pay your fees.

If you’re studying towards a degree or other multi-year qualification, you need to re-enrol before the start of each academic year.

It's a simple process if you're continuing with the same qualification or major subject. If you want to change your programme of study, talk to your Student Success Adviser or look at the guide for re-enrolling international students.

1. Plan your programme

The first step in planning your degree is to check your progress against the requirements of your degree, and find out what courses you still need to do. Use the myDegree tool, which you can access via the Pūaha self-service portal, or talk to your Student Success Adviser.

If you’ve had significant difficulties or not completed previous courses, there might be an ‘academic hold’ or restriction on your record. Talk to your Student Success Adviser about planning your programme for the new academic year.

2. Explore your course options

Use the 'browse by subject' or direct search options in the Course Finder tool to see what's on offer. Click through to explore course outlines.

  • Use the 'years available' filter to see just those courses that are offered in the relevant academic year.
  • Filter by 'course level' to narrow down your options to just 200-level courses, for example.
  • Make a note of the course codes (ACCY130, for example) to speed things up when you come to select your courses in the online enrolment system.

3. Plan your timetable

You can find out the days and times of a course's lectures on its course outline page. Sketch out your timetable, and make sure that your chosen courses don't have lecture times that clash.

If you need to find a course to fit into a constrained timetable, you can use the 'taught on' (day of the week), 'time of day', and 'campus' filters in the Course Finder tool to narrow your search.

4. Estimate your fees

We will calculate the final amount for your fees when you register for your selected courses, but you can estimate the cost of your studies yourself, whether you're a domestic or international student.

5. Re-enrol online

As long as you are continuing with the same programme of study, you only need to register for your chosen courses using the online enrolment system.

If you have questions talk to your Student Success Adviser, who you can contact through Pūaha.

Be aware that you might not be able to enrol in every course that you select. This might be because:

  • The course has prerequisite courses—courses that are required to prepare you for success in this course—which you haven’t yet completed.
  • The course is a limited entry course, and your application wasn’t successful.

Re-enrolling after a period away

If you last studied with us more than two years ago—even if you are partway through your qualification—you'll need to apply for a place in your programme of study through Pūaha.

If your last period of study at this university was Trimester 1 2022, you don't need to reapply for your programme but you’ll need to talk to us so we can update your details and give you a login for Pūaha. Contact the Service Desk by:

6. Pay your fees

Your re-enrolment is complete once you’ve paid your fees.

7. Renew your student visa and insurance (international students)

If you’re an international student, you must renew your student visa for each academic year. You’ll need to be able to prove to Immigration New Zealand that you have paid your tuition fees.

8. Renew your student ID card

You need to renew your Student ID card at the beginning of every academic year, particularly as it’s the swipe-card you use for access to the University's buildings. Find out how to update or replace your Student ID card.