Welfare and Academic Progress Monitoring

Manaaki New Zealand Scholars meet with their International Student Officer once a trimester for Welfare and Academic Progress Monitoring.

Why we do monitoring

The Welfare and Academic Progress Monitoring programme is a legal requirement of the contracts that Victoria University of Wellington and Manaaki New Zealand Scholars have with the New Zealand Government.

These compulsory meetings give you a chance to sit down and chat with your International Student Officer (ISO) about anything that may be on your mind and affecting your study. You will normally meet in the middle of trimesters 1, 2 and 3. It helps us to identify issues early so we can help you find solutions and make sure you are getting the support you need to successfully complete your qualification and scholarship.

It is important to remember that you do not have to wait for Welfare and Academic Progress Monitoring if you have an issue. If you have questions about the monitoring programme or concerns about your welfare or academic progress at any point, contact your ISO.

At the end of each trimester, your ISO is required to monitor your progress against the scholarship (and the University’s) continuation criteria. You can find out more about the continuation criteria in your Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships Policy Handbook pdf971KB .

What you can expect

The International Development Scholarships Team will contact your course coordinators, lecturers, tutors or supervisors for brief feedback on your academic progress.

We will then contact you to book in an hour-long appointment to meet with your ISO, or one of the team. If needed, remedial support will be arranged.