About Pūaha

Pūaha is a centralised self-service portal where you can find tools and information, named to reflect its role as a gateway to the University's systems.

The Pūaha portal

Pūaha is our online, self-service portal for students. It's where you can find tools and information for your studies including:

  • your personalised timetable, grades, student records, and other academic details
  • tutorial sign-up
  • key dates
  • links to news and events
  • links to services that support your learning, study, and wellbeing.

All currently enrolled students can log in using their username and password.

If you have any questions about Pūaha, email info@vuw.ac.nz or call 0800 04 04 04.

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What Pūaha means

The student portal has been gifted the name of Pūaha, which means ‘mouth of a river’. It symbolically connects to the idea of a student’s journey through the University. It also means ‘doorway’ or ‘opening’, linking to the idea that the student portal will be the ‘front door’ for students seeking information, and it will eventually support future students through the University admission and enrolment process.

Te Herenga Waka

The University's Māori name, Te Herenga Waka, means the mooring place of waka (canoes). It is also the name of our marae. This name signals that we are a place where people—no matter where they are from—can ‘hitch their waka’ and belong. When our tauira are ready to leave the University, they can unhitch their waka and sail off to new horizons, while still maintaining a deep connection to Te Herenga Waka.