Fee reconsideration

In certain cases, if you’ve had to make a late withdrawal from a course or courses, you may be eligible for a fee reconsideration.

Find the application forms under Services in Pūaha – your student portal.

If you have withdrawn late due to a medical or exceptional personal circumstance, you may qualify for a fees reconsideration. If your fee reconsideration is approved, you will be refunded a portion of your fees. The length of your engagement with your course(s) will be considered when determining the outcome.

If the course(s) for which you wish to apply for fee reconsideration are not shown on Pūaha, contact a Student Success team or email fee-reconsideration@vuw.ac.nz.

Full fee reconsideration possible

  • Incorrect trimester/stream of enrolment
  • Documented inaccurate advice from staff
  • Failure to take up place at Victoria University of Wellington—for first-year students only

Sliding scale fee reconsideration (100/75/50/0%)

  • Serious personal illness or injury
  • Serious personal circumstances

Declined fee reconsideration

  • domestic commitments
  • employment commitments (except essential workers during lockdown)
  • financial commitments
  • university workload
  • ignorance of withdrawal regulations.

You must complete the Fee Reconsideration application form before the last day of the official exam period for the trimester in which the course you are withdrawing from was held.

An application must be supported by

  • Appropriate evidence (these must be originals or certified copies).
  • Your own written, signed statement.

Log in to Pūaha and complete the Fee Reconsideration application form.

Special withdrawal and refund provisions apply to the following programmes

Withdrawals from doctoral degrees, master’s degrees by thesis and the Certificate of Proficiency in English programme are covered by special rules.

Contact a Student Success adviser for more information, email info@vuw.ac.nz.