All students pay tuition fees and compulsory levies. Calculate how much your courses will cost and learn about other compulsory fees at the University.

Domestic and international student fees

Your enrolment is confirmed once you’ve signed and returned an Offer of Study, Change of Course form or any document formally agreeing your acceptance into a course. You are then liable for the fees unless you formally withdraw before the appropriate dates.

Domestic students are charged tuition fees at a different rate to international students.

Fees-free tertiary study

First-time tertiary domestic learners may be eligible for fees-free study. Find out more about fees-free study at Victoria University of Wellington.

Other compulsory fees

All students enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington are required to pay the following fees.

Student Services Levy

The levy is a contribution towards student support services delivered by and through Victoria University of Wellington to support and facilitate the best academic outcomes for all students. Refer to Appendix A in the Student Services Levy Policy for a full list of services.

Additional payment may be required to access some goods, services or amenities.

  • Internal students: $822.00 (2020) | $843.00 (2021).
  • Distance students: $411.00 (2020) | $421.50 (2021).

For details regarding students who qualify for reduced Student Services Levy rates, refer to the Student Service Levy Policy or the Student Services Levy FAQs for a full list of services.

Student Assistance Levy

This levy is used to assist students suffering exceptional financial hardship.

  • 2020: $27.60 for all students ($28 in 2021)

Additional costs

Some courses have additional costs for items such as study materials, equipment, or field trips.Some administrative costs are also applicable—see administration fees table below. A full list of administrative costs can be viewed in Appendix D of the Fees Statute.

Administration fees (incl. GST)

Replacement Student ID card $21.00
Refund Charge (for monies totalling between $1,000–$5,000 during an academic year) per refund—not applicable for refunds to StudyLink  $60.00
Refund Charge (for monies totalling over $5,000 during an academic year) per refund—not applicable for refunds to StudyLink  $100.00
English Proficiency Programme withdrawal administration fee $200.00
International student refund of pre-paid tuition fees admin charge $1,000.00
International Transferring Student fee $512.00
Late Payment Penalty $154.00
Late Application Fee $123.00
Administration fee for special examination arrangements, for examinations sat at Victoria University of Wellington at other than the scheduled time, or sat at a location away from Victoria University of Wellington (per Course). Students will also be liable for courier costs and all costs that may be charged by the institution where the examination is held. $123.00

Speak to someone

Student Fees Advisers

Phone: 0800 04 04 04
Email: student-finance@vuw.ac.nz

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