Jaye Barclay

Jaye discovered the Wellington Plus Programme offered significant career and personal development benefits they had never anticipated before signing up.

BSc EBIO and Marine Biology / BA English
Wellington Plus Award

Image of Jaye Barclay

Jaye supported the rainbow community over several years through their extensive volunteering for InsideOUT as Secretary, Board Trustee and then Chair. Having initially been a member, Jaye took the opportunity to step up to leadership and developed skills in governance, public speaking, and how to work as part of a team and communicate ideas. Jaye gave back to an organisation that supported them in a formative time in their life, and in doing so, they significantly increased in confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Jaye volunteered as a PASS Leader for two Māori language classes. They facilitated a safe learning environment and gained experience in tailoring their approach to fit the learning styles of the students. It was here that Jaye uncovered a love of teaching and this volunteer experience ultimately led to a part-time position teaching te reo Māori professionally.

As a result of Jaye’s commitment to volunteering, they were selected to complete the 21-day course at Outward Bound. This was a life-changing experience for Jaye, where they learned much about themselves, formed close friendships, and discovered strengths and skills they did not know they had.

Alongside their volunteering, Jaye participated in a variety of career development workshops including psychometric testing, networking and interview preparation. Jaye says that each of the workshops equipped them with skills to enhance their employability, and all the skills they developed transferred to every other part of their life.

“Wellington Plus has enhanced my experience as a student, provided me with a community and support in times when I’ve needed it, and it has opened up pathways for my future career that I never would have thought possible before I joined.”
Jaye Barclay