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International Student Experience staff are here to help with all current international students' needs.

Get in touch

The International Student Experience Team are located at Level 2, Easterfield Building. Our offices are open between 9 am and 4.30 pm, and our services can also be offered online. You can contact the team using the email addresses below:

In an emergency

The number for all emergency services in New Zealand (Police, Ambulance, and Fire) is 111. If you need to return home urgently, become severely ill, have a serious accident or otherwise, you need to contact us urgently on the International Student 24/7 emergency line: 027 600 6864.

International Student Experience Team

Clemmie profile picture

Clemmie Newton

Associate Director, International Student Experience
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Student support and pastoral care

Jasmine profile picture

Jasmine Daniel

International Student Support Manager
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Crystal profile picture

Crystal Li

Senior International Student Advisor
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Rajneet profile picture

Rajneet Kaur

International Student Adviser
Student Experience and Wellbeing · International Support

Eden profile picture

Eden Ee

Int. Development Scholarships Administrator
Student Academic Services

Lara profile picture

Lara Tolybayeva

International Student Adviser
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships Programme

Ryan profile picture

Ryan Stuart

International Development Scholarships Manager
Student Experience and Wellbeing · Te Pūrengi

Vivian profile picture

Vivian Wei

International Development Scholarships Financial Administrator
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Misa profile picture

Misa Kasai

International Development Scholarships Adviser
Student Experience and Wellbeing

Ayse profile picture

Ayse Altin-Wohlleben

International Development Scholarships Coordinator
Wellington University International