Find your way

Maps and guides to help you locate New Students' Orientation sessions, spaces, and home bases, and other key buildings on our Kelburn campus.

Graphic representation of Kelburn campus indicating buildings where orientation sessions will be held.
Most of the New Students' Orientation sessions take place on our Kelburn campus.

Key locations

  • The Hub is a large gathering area in the centre of the campus, and a good place to start.
  • The Library is in Rankine Brown building, and forms one side of the Hub.
  • The Student Union (SU) building is on the opposite side of the Tim Beaglehole Courtyard from the Hub.
  • The Recreation Centre is behind Cotton building.

Lecture theatres

  • Maclaurin (MC) building—up the steps from the Hub.
  • Kirk (KK) building—on the way to the bridge over Kelburn Parade.
  • Te Toki a Rata (TTR) building—past Maclaurin.
  • Cotton (CO) building—up the steps from the Hub.
  • Hunter (HU) building—entry to the third floor is from a courtyard outside Old Kirk building.
  • The Memorial Theatre (SUMT) is in the Student Union building.

Home bases

  • The international students' space is in Easterfield (EA) building (next to the Hub).
  • The Māori students' home base is in the Student Union building.
  • The Pasifika students' home base is in Alan MacDiarmid (AM) building (through Cotton building).
  • The Bubble is a Rainbow and wellbeing space in the Student Union building.

All locations

Get started with a short guide to the University's three main Wellington campuses—Kelburn, Pipitea, and Te Aro—or visit our campuses and facilities section. Use the locate a room page to translate a room code into a building location.

You can also explore our campuses with a range of guided tours during Orientation week.