Inclusive learning software

Software tools can make learning more accessible—for example, by converting text to audio—and are available on student computers and for download.

Inclusive learning software makes learning and engaging more accessible to a wider range of people. It's available on all student computers—and you can also download and install the software on your own personal computer.

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Read&Write is a software toolbar that makes documents, web pages, and office applications more accessible. It's available on all student computers—you can find the icon on the desktop.

You can easily create, correct, and access content with these Read&Write features:

  • scanning text
  • having web pages, emails, and documents read to you
  • converting text to mp3s for reviewing on the move
  • proofreading lengthy reports
  • additional features for writing and research tasks.

If you are not sure if Read&Write will be useful to you view the Inclusive learning software page on our Disability services site.