Student interest and conflict resolution team

You can contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team for a confidential conversation about your options for support and reporting.

This could be regarding conflict and/or behaviours that are harmful, concerning or not in keeping with the University’s values, and includes bullying and harassment, threatening and aggressive behaviours, sexually harmful behaviours, racism, homophobia, discriminatory, inequitable or hateful behaviours.

The SICR team can talk to you about your options, which include:

  • Restorative approaches such as referral to the restorative justice team, a mediated discussion with the concerned parties or an informal chat with them on your behalf.
  • Referrals to specialist support services.
  • Confidentially reporting your concerns so they are noted by the SICR team without taking any action if that’s what you decide
  • Addressing your concerns through alternative methods such as the SICR team creating a behavioural management plan to address the issue in collaboration with you.
  • Formally reporting the issue to the University to assess whether it is a breach of the Student Conduct Statute pdf459KB or Staff Conduct Policy pdf234KB

If students are experiencing domestic or family violence the Student Interest team can assist them to manage the impact on their studies or talk to them about safety on campus.

The Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team provides training in responding to a disclosure to key staff and to staff of Halls of Residence. Our Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group also supports campaigns aimed at preventing sexually harmful behaviours and promoting safe and respectful relationships within our University community.

To have a confidential conversation or receive advice please contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team at

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