Have your say

As a student, your voice matters. Help shape policy, proposals, and plans that affect you during your time at the University.

Each year we ask students to complete online surveys to give feedback on their time at the University. The insights from these surveys are used to inform decision making and improve student focused initiatives.

In previous years, student surveys helped us to:

  • demonstrate the importance of flexible study
  • improve our orientation programme
  • enhance workshops
  • signal which services require more support
  • indicate a need to strengthen our enrolment process.

They also let us know what we’re doing well

“It's been a great experience so far. All the departments have helped in a great way—starting from International Support to the Faculty. Everyone is welcoming and it makes the University a great place to be at!”—Respondent, Getting Started Survey April 2023.

When do we seek student feedback?

It’s important to us that students have a positive experience from enrolment to graduation. For this reason, we survey students across different stages of the student journey.

Results from previous surveys

The page about student experience surveys summarises what we've learnt from previous surveys on a range of topics.