Live well

Live well covers creating habits, setting routines, study/life balance, competing priorities, and problem solving.

Online resources

Creating habits

Setting Routines

Study/life balance

Competing priorities

Problem solving

  • Aunty Dee, a free online tool to help work through any problems.
  • Try out SimpleMind+ an app to organise your thoughts and ideas with mind maps.
  • Read about 'way-power’ the art of identifying obstacles and planning for alternatives using your strengths by Dr Lucy Hone.
  • Try out Health Navigator’s worksheet to help you solve a problem.
  • Try out the WOOP app to figure out what is getting in the way of your goals and how to get around these roadblocks.
  • Learn about finding solutions for your problems and try out an interactive worksheet online at Here To Help.


All of the content in our online resources aligns with the messages in our weekly wellbeing workshops.

Professional support

Sometimes, you will need support and guidance from health professionals to help you through tough times. Reach out and seek support when you need to.

There are free health and wellbeing services on campus and outside of the University that provide support and information to students.