Support for parents

The University has support services to help parents who are studying with us.


Parenting demands do not always fit in with study commitments and due dates. Where possible it’s best to ask for an extension early rather than leave it until the assignment’s due date. Email your lecturer/tutor directly asking for an extension as soon as you can—they would prefer you ask for an extension and submit your best work.

You should expect to be supported in being a great parent while successfully achieving your study goals.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or experienced discrimination for being a parent and juggling study with your whānau, contact the student interest and conflict resolution team or the VUWSA Advocacy Service.

Studying at home with unwell children

Juggling caring for unwell children with study commitments can be very challenging. Sometimes parents need to stay home with their children and fit study in where they can. The University has resources for parents studying at home. Student Learning provides support to students in a range of ways including online learning modules and information for those returning to study.

Support services

There will be times when you need help outside your whānau and network of friends. The University has many services that can support you while studying. It is worth knowing a little about them before you need them.


Parking is available on some of the campuses. For more information go to student parking.