Resolving academic issues

Find out how to deal with any academic issues you may have while you are studying at the University.

Who to talk to first

If you have an academic issue, the first thing to do is talk directly with your tutor, lecturer, supervisor, or course coordinator. Contact information for these members of staff can be found on your course outline.

If you prefer not to contact the staff member directly—or if you did contact them and the issue was not resolved—you still have options.

Other people you can talk to

You can contact the Head of School or the relevant Associate Dean. Contact information for your Head of School or relevant Associate Dean can be found on the University’s website.

You can seek free advice from a team member in the University’s Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team or the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Student Advocate. They can tell you about what formal procedures are available if the issue cannot be resolved informally.

Most courses have a class representative. You can discuss your issue with them and come up with a plan to address the issue. Contact information for your class representative can be found on your Nuku course site or from your course coordinator.