Student communities

Our community is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Explore support networks available to you and discover ways to connect with peers.

Meeting talented people from all over the world is one of the most exciting parts of student life. Whether you’re looking to connect with your culture on campus, find support from your peers, or simply make friends—there are year-round opportunities to get involved.

A prospective student sits on the steps in the Hub reading brochures. Three prospective Māori students look at the Māori Students' Guide together. Three male Pasifika students sit on the benches in the Rec Centre, supporting a game. students with refugee background students sign Rainbow flag flying opposite the von Zedlitz building. mother with her child A group of students who identify as being part of the disability community. A female Pasifika student with an ornate tattoo on her upper-back is spiking a ball in a volleyball game at the Rec Centre. A group of students sitting around a table, having a discussion, in a seminar room at the Wellington School of Business and Government. image of the Hunter Building with pohutukawa in bloom