Keep well

Our workshop topics of sleep, sexual health, nutrition, and health literacy are covered in this section.

Online resources


Sexual health


Alcohol and other drugs

  • Can you pour a standard drink? Use this interactive tool to test your knowledge.
  • How much are you drinking? Interactive tool to help you keep track of the amount of alcohol you are consuming.
  • A straight up guide to safer using from The Level.
  • Tripsit Drug Combinations table to avoid mixing drugs and Drug Interaction Checker for prescription medicines.
  • Pill Library from Know Your Stuff NZ to identify drugs sold as MDMA that are harmful substances.
  • Watch a video to understand when alcohol and drug use become a problem, from Villainesse.
  • Online tool from The Lowdown to help you check your usage.
  • Online tool to find out if your gambling is sweet as or becoming a problem.

Movement and exercise

Health literacy


All of the content in our online resources aligns with the messages in our weekly wellbeing workshops.

Professional support

Sometimes, you will need support and guidance from health professionals to help you through tough times. Reach out and seek support when you need to.

There are free health and wellbeing services on campus and outside of the University that provide support and information to students.