Examinations and assessments

Information about exams at Victoria University of Wellington, exam rules, types of assessment and what to do if you have a problem or can’t sit an exam.


An assessment is any assigning of marks or grades to pieces of work that you submit in a course. Assessment information is in your course outlines.

There are several types of assessment at Victoria University of Wellington. They are:

Examination: An item of assessment to be undertaken at a predetermined time and place by all the students enrolled for a course, during an official examination period following the end of the course. The scheduling, conduct and supervision of examinations are arranged by faculties in accordance with such detailed instructions as may be approved by the Academic Board.

In-term work: Items of assessment other than examinations as defined above, for example, tests, assignments, class presentations, practical work, etc.

Test: An item of assessment, like an examination but scheduled during the course. Tests are usually conducted by the school responsible for the course; a mid-course test for a two-trimester course may be scheduled during an official examination period if arranged by the faculty.

What to do if you can’t sit an exam

Help is available if you are unable to sit your exam due to the following circumstances. For any other exam-related questions or problems, contact your Student Success team.

Illness or exceptional circumstances

There is help available if you’re feeling unwell or are facing serious personal circumstances in the lead up to or during exams or final assessment due dates. Contact your Student Success team to discuss your options or find out more about help available at final assessment or exam time.

Ongoing or long-term medical conditions

If you have an ongoing impairment or condition, contact Te Amaru—Disability Services as early as possible during the trimester to discuss your situation.

Sitting exams at another time or place

You can apply for permission to sit an exam at a different time or place if your circumstances require this. Contact your Student Success team for details.

Late to or miss an exam

If you are late to, or miss an exam, go to your Student Success team's office immediately.

How to get your results

Exam results are added to Student Records as they become available. The speed with which the results appear in Student Records depends on the trimester and the individual circumstances. For example, if you have applied for an aegrotat, your grade will take a lot longer. We do not post exam results out to you.


Plagiarism is a form of cheating. It's when you present someone else’s work as if it were yours, whether you mean to or not. Even if it is presented in your own style, you must still acknowledge your sources fully and appropriately.

Plagiarism is easy to detect and the University has systems in place to identify it. If you are found to have plagiarised, you may be penalised under the Statute on Student Conduct, which means you could fail your course or even be suspended. Plagiarism is simply not worth the risk.

Find out about how to avoid plagiarism and access helpful resources

Academic progress

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington seeks to provide a learning environment designed to help students achieve their full academic potential, and to maximise the availability of places for students who actively engage with their studies. Where a student fails to make satisfactory academic progress, provisions are in place to provide appropriate advice and support, and to manage the student’s enrolment.

The Academic Progress for Continued Registration Procedure provides a framework for the University to identify students in need of support, and allows the University to restrict the number of courses in which the student may enrol and to require certain conditions to be met for continued enrolment.

Where a student completely fails to engage with their studies in a particular trimester, or where there is ongoing unsatisfactory academic performance over a period of time, this Procedure provides a framework for suspension or exclusion from the University.

For further information, download the Academic Progress for Continued Registration Procedure (PDF) or talk to the Associate Dean (Students) in your faculty.