Academic misconduct procedures

If a marker has reason to believe that there is an issue with the academic integrity of a piece of work, an academic misconduct procedure will begin.

If a matter is deemed to require addressing under the academic misconduct procedures, then students will receive an email which outlines what the issue is and invites them to attend a meeting to discuss the issue. Depending on the level of misconduct, this will either involve the Head of School, or for serious academic misconduct, a Disciplinary Committee.

Students can reach out to the VUWSA advocacy service for advice and support in navigating this process. This is free of charge, whether they are a member of VUWSA or not.

If, after the student and the appropriate parties have met, it is decided that misconduct has occurred, penalties will be applied. These are detailed in the Student Conduct Statute (PDF).

A record of the misconduct will be noted on the student’s internal record but this will not be reflected on the student’s academic transcript.