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Calling all alumni and friends—if you graduated from the University with a degree, diploma, or certificate, or you joined us for a short course or study abroad programme—you’re automatically part of our alumni community.

As alumni of Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, you’re part of a network of 130,000 graduates worldwide, and you're in good company. This university is the alma mater of top writers, thinkers, politicians, diplomats, scientists, artists and captains of industry who have made, and are making, their mark in New Zealand and around the globe.

We offer a number of ways for you to connect, to network, to learn, to share and to inspire the next generation. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so we’re on a mission to find ‘lost’ alumni—those who we no longer have contact details for.

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We’d appreciate your help too—share this page or our content on social media with other alumni you know. Our Facebook page for alumni is a good opportunity to say hello to a uni mate you haven’t caught up with in a while!

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International alumni network

Wherever you’re heading, there’s an alumni community to meet. Alumni regional ambassadors are growing connections and networks for graduates around the world.

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New graduates

You’re now part of our global alumni community—discover more about what that means and how to get involved and stay connected.

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Stay in touch online by joining our social media channels (#VicUniWgtn or #WellingtonGrad). They’re full of University and alumni news, and you can find and meet fellow graduates.

Special interest groups

Visit our international alumni network page to find social media groups by location.