Understanding transcripts

Find out about the different codes identifying courses, grades and awarding bodies indicated on transcripts for subjects, institutions and levels attained.


Your potential grades don't just range from an A+ to an E. Find out about the variety of pass and fail grades you may be awarded, and about how your grade point average (GPA) is calculated.

Course identifiers

Courses are identified by a four-letter subject code and a three-digit number. The letters represent a subject area, or administrative unit. A full list of subject codes is available in the University Calendar.

The first digit represents the level of the course:

  • 000-level courses are pre-degree level
  • 100-level courses are first-year or introductory courses
  • 200-level and 300-level courses represent advanced level undergraduate courses
  • Honours and Master’s courses are 400- and 500-level
  • PhD courses are 600-level
  • the 800-level range is used for some certificate and diploma courses.

Institutional codes

WELL Victoria University of Wellington

AU University of Auckland

AUT Auckland University of Technology

CU University of Canterbury

EU Other tertiary institution

LU Lincoln University

MU Massey University

OU University of Otago

WU University of Waikato

Transcript Policy

Until 1962, all universities in New Zealand were constituent colleges of the University of New Zealand. From 1963 onwards, they’ve been autonomous institutions—but it is still common practice for New Zealand university students to transfer to another university within New Zealand, even while pursuing a degree.

Until 1997, the official academic record of a university student in New Zealand transferred automatically with the student. From 1998, academic records have not been transferred and students are responsible for obtaining a copy of their academic record from each of the universities they have attended.

Undergraduate credits

Victoria University of Wellington adopted a credit system in the 1970s. Prior to this the undergraduate courses were taught in units at Stage I (first year), Stage II (second year) and Stage III (third year). The LLB degree was taught in ‘subjects’ until 1991, after which credit values were shown. From 1998 onwards the University has adopted a points system, with 120 points equating to an average full-time year of study.