Achieving Wellington Plus

How to achieve the Certificate and Award levels of the Wellington Plus programme.

Wellington Plus has two levels of achievement: Certificate and Award. We encourage students aiming for the Award to consider starting with the Certificate. This is a great way to gain recognition for your progress and everything you do for the Certificate counts towards the Award.

Each level has three parts:

  1. Activities:  participate in volunteer and student leadership roles within the University and volunteer in the local community.
  2. Personal and professional development: participate in a range of leadership, skills, and career development workshops.
  3. Reflective portfolio: reflect on your experiences and skills developed on the programme in a portfolio.

Wellington Plus Certificate

The Certificate is a shorter programme that you can complete in 6–12 months, or longer as required. It’s ideal if you're studying at the University for one year or if you have a limited time for extracurricular activities. The Certificate can be achieved at any time during your studies.


  • Participate in at least two different activities and gain a minimum of 100 points (further criteria  apply).
  • Participate in a minimum of two workshops: one Leadership and Social Responsibility and one Skills Development workshop.
  • Participate in the Portfolio workshop and complete a written Portfolio.

Successful completion of the Certificate level is acknowledged on your academic transcript.

Wellington Plus Award

Aim for the Award if you’re prepared to show outstanding commitment to leadership, volunteering and developing professional and personal skills over at least two years. It is awarded in your final trimester when your degree or postgraduate qualification is completed.


  • Participate in a range of different activities and gain a minimum of 300 points (further criteria apply).
  • Participate in a minimum of six workshops—two from each of the categories: Leadership and Social Responsibility, Skills Development, and Career Development.
  • Participate in the Portfolio workshop and complete a written Portfolio.

Successful completion of the Award level is acknowledged on your academic transcript, and the Award is presented at a special ceremony.

Points system

You receive points for each activity you do. The number of points you get depends on the type of work, training, the time you put in and responsibility you hold.

For example:

  • Volunteering as a Class Representative develops leadership, communication, and problem solving skills and will earn you 20 points.
  • Becoming a Disability Services Volunteer Note-taker improves your own study skills while supporting fellow students and gains 30 points.
  • Holding a Club Executive position for a year develops organisational and leadership skills and gains 70–100 points.

You can also gain points for previously completed approved roles.

Reflective portfolio

Reflecting on your self-development gives you confidence in your abilities and prepares you to speak about your skills to prospective employers. The Wellington Plus portfolio is a written presentation of your experiences on the programme. Your portfolio contains reflections on your activities and workshops, creating a record of your learning and the skills you have developed.

The portfolio helps you to:

  • understand the skills you have developed
  • realise your personal growth and development as a professional
  • prepare for writing your CV and for job interviews
  • articulate your skills and achievements to employers.

Prior to writing your portfolio, you participate in a portfolio workshop, which teaches you about reflective writing and practice.

“The reflective nature of the Wellington Plus Programme has provided me with the opportunity to fully reflect and appreciate my time at University. It has been incredibly useful to recognise how I have been able to be a part of changes which affect people’s lives.”
Award recipient

Wellington Plus Programme

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