Connect well

Connect well explores the workshop topics of connecting, loneliness and homesickness, assertiveness, and negotiating.

Online resources


Loneliness and Homesickness

  • Practice communicating your feelings with this worksheet.
  • Watch Kio Stark discuss how talking to strangers can create unexpected connections.
  • Active listening exercises help you practise listening to people and respond in ways that make them feel understood to improve your relationships with them.
  • Get in touch with the university refugee-background students’ adviser  for refugee community groups both within and outside of the university.
  • Listen to Voice of Aroha, Wellington Access Radio. Former refugees share local Wellington events, perspectives, and opinions.
  • Watch a video about what homesickness is and tips from meaningful travel experts to feel better.
  • Read about practical skills you can do to help you feel socially connected.



Professional support

Sometimes, you will need support and guidance from health professionals to help you through tough times. Reach out and seek support when you need to.

There are free health and wellbeing services on campus and outside of the University that provide support and information to students.