Updating your name

Contact the enrolments office if you need to update your preferred or legal name (and get a new student ID card if your legal name has changed).

A student’s preferred name appears in any automated communications from the university about their enrolment and on their student record including class lists. Changing a preferred name will not affect ITS username details and a student ID card cannot be printed under a preferred name.

Preferred name change requests and legal name change requests must be made in writing. You can request a change in-person at the Enrolments counter or via email.

In-person request

Take your completed the Change of Details form to the Enrolments counter (HU103) of the Hunter building.

No further documentation is required if the change is to a preferred name. However, if the change is to a legal name, you must bring original or certified copies of legal name change documents. You can also request a new student ID card in your new name free of charge. We can usually produce these immediately.

Email request

Email enrolments@vuw.ac.nz and clearly specify your student ID number, your previous name and your new name (indicating your first, middle, and last name). If it is a legal change, you must also attach certified supporting documentation with your email.

Supporting documentation required for a legal name change

A change to a student’s legal name can only be made when one of the following legal documents are provided to confirm a legal name change:

  • name change certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • passport showing new name
  • birth certificate identifying change of name
  • name change by deed poll document.

The standard certification requirements apply when submitting supporting documents to confirm a legal name change.

If you are changing your legal name, you should also email Digital Solutions so your username/email can be changed. You can contact them by phone: 04 463 5050 or by email: servicedesk@vuw.ac.nz.