Updating your name

Find out how to set a preferred name in the University's systems and what to do after you've changed your legal name.

Updating your preferred name

You can update your preferred name, gender, and pronouns in the Pūaha student portal. Go to the 'My Profile' section (from the top right-hand icon), and select the 'Personal details' tab. The 'Edit personal details' link (bottom right-hand corner) will pop up a window. Remember to use the 'Update' button to save your changes.

The name you set as a your preferred name will be the one used in any automated communications from the University. Changing your preferred name won't affect your login details for University IT systems or the name displayed in Nuku—if you want to change those, you'll need to email enrolments@vuw.ac.nz. Include your student ID number, your previous name, and your new name.

Updating your legal name

If you have legally changed your name by deed poll, marriage, or civil union, visit the Enrolment help desk on level one of the Hunter Building (HU103) to update your name in the University's systems.

You'll need to show us one of the following legal documents to confirm your legal name change:

  • name change certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • passport showing new name
  • birth certificate identifying change of name
  • name change by deed poll document.

You can bring the original copy of your supporting documentation to the Enrolment help desk. If you intend to use a copy of your documentation, the standard certification requirements apply.

How to legally change your name

You'll find information about how to legally change your name on website of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Student ID cards

To request a new student ID card that shows your preferred or new legal name, email student-cards@vuw.ac.nz.

Rainbow students

You can find more information about name and gender changes—and how we can support you—on this page specifically for rainbow students.