Student loans and allowances

Domestic students may fund their studies with a student loan and/or allowance. You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for these funds.

StudyLink fees payments to Victoria University of Wellington

  • When you have signed and returned your contract and supporting documentation to StudyLink, they will electronically contact the University to request information about your enrolment (including study dates and total fees). Victoria University of Wellington will usually respond to StudyLink on the same day. Once StudyLink process this information, you will be informed if your loan is approved. The University will receive payment 2 weeks before your course starts, or 7 days after your loan has been approved if your course has already commenced.
  • If you have received confirmation from StudyLink advising of a date that they will pay your fees to Victoria University of Wellington, you do not need to contact Student Finance.
  • If you continue to receive invoices or reminders from the University after the payment date advised by StudyLink, you should ensure your loan details are complete by checking MyStudyLink.
  • It is your responsibility to inform StudyLink of any changes that are made to your enrolment (e.g., adding or dropping a course, changing your programme of study, withdrawing).
  • If your loan is declined, you must contact as soon as possible to discuss possible further options.

Loans and allowances enrolment requirements

Find out about the enrolment criteria for student loans and allowances.

Student Loan performance criteria

Changes were made to the loans scheme in 2010, including the introduction of a performance measure and lifetime limit. Find out what this means for you.

The Student Allowance and/or the Student Loan (living costs) will not cover all your weekly expenses, so it’s important to work out how to make up the difference. Download the Managing Your Money Guide (PDF) and/or email Student Finance for help in making a financial survival plan to suit you.

Student Loan repayments

You must make Student Loan repayments when your income reaches the repayment threshold. If your income is more than $21,268 before tax for the year, you will have to pay 12 cents in the dollar for every dollar earned over that amount. Visit the StudyLink website for more information.

Get help

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