Academic progress

We aim to provide a learning environment to help you achieve your full potential, but we also support you if you have difficulties.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

If a student is not making satisfactory academic progress their enrolment may be managed by:

  • restricting the number of courses that students may enrol in, and/or
  • requiring students to meet certain conditions.

Students whose academic progress continues to be unsatisfactory may be suspended for a specified period. Students who return after suspension and whose academic progress remains unsatisfactory may be excluded from the University.

For full details about restrictions and conditions, refer to the Academic Progress Statute.


Non-engagement is defined as enrolment in a course of study without engaging with the course content or attempting to satisfy course requirements.

All students who are enrolled in more than two courses in a trimester and achieve E grades in all courses will be considered non-engaged.

The University can suspend or exclude non-engaged students.

Re-enrolment in a course

A student who has failed the same course on two occasions will not normally be permitted to enrol again for that course. A further enrolment requires the permission of the relevant Associate Dean.

Advice and support

  1. Start by reading the Academic Progress Statute.
  2. If you have been placed under ‘Restriction’, contact the Associate Dean (Students) in your Faculty to get advice about your options or to discuss the circumstances that have led to your enrolment being restricted.
  3. Seek support and advice from Student Services such as Student Counselling and Student Learning.
  4. You may also seek independent advice from the VUWSA Advocate—email