A note on language

Rainbow is a collective term sometimes used for people who identify with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and sex characteristics. There are many words to describe these identities, commonly abbreviated to LGBTQIA+.

Some people use words from their cultures to describe their rainbow identity, for instance, takatāpui (Māori) or Akava’ine (Cook Islands).

Updating your name, gender, or pronouns

How to update your details in University systems, and how we can support you if you want to change your legal name or gender.

How to update your details

Support for rainbow students

Not sure where to start? Learn about how we take care of our rainbow students at the University. We offer advice, peer support, gender-affirming care, and mental health.

Support for rainbow students
A rainbow heart with a rainbow background
The Hunter Lawn with a rainbow in the background

Community groups and events

See what’s on and get involved with the the University's rainbow community on campus.

Community groups and events