Sign up for tutorials, labs, and studios

Use the myAllocator tool to sign up for tutorials, labs, and studios.

MyAllocator is the tool you'll use to sign up for tutorials, labs, and studios. It also displays your lecture timetable to help you avoid choosing a tutorial, lab, or studio option that clashes with a lecture for another one of your courses.

Log in to myAllocator using your University username and password. You can also access the tool via Pūaha, our student portal.

Sign up for 2024 tutorials

Be aware that most tutorials will not be available for sign up until closer to their trimester.

About tutorials, labs, and studios

As well as attending lectures with all the students enrolled in the course, you'll generally also be part of tutorials, labs, and studios where learning takes place in smaller groups. Typically each course will offer a number of different time slots for required tutorials, labs and studios, and you 'll need to choose the option that best fits your overall timetable.

  • Whether you have tutorials, labs, or studios will depend on the subject you're studying.
  • They'll be led by a tutor, lab demonstrator, or one of your lecturers.
  • Tutorials, labs, and studios give you a chance to engage in discussion, do experiments and project work, and get individual assistance.
  • Smaller group sessions usually start two to three weeks into each trimester.
  • You can find more information in the Course Outline of each of your courses.

Guide to using myAllocator

When to sign up for tutorials, labs, and studios

Sign-ups for your course's tutorials, labs, and studios don't all open at once, so you may need to log in a number of times.

Most tutorials will not be loaded into myAllocator until the start of the first trimester. Tutorials that are loaded may not be immediately available for sign up. If you are concerned about your tutorial being unavailable, contact your course coordinator. You can find contact details for your course coordinator on the course page—which you can find via the course finder search tool.

If you don’t find your courses in myAllocator, check Nuku or ask your school administrator. Make a note of your tutorials on your timetable.

Checklist for using myAllocator

Before you use myAllocator, check that:

  • you have been enrolled in your course for 48 hours or more
  • you have got your University username and password
  • you know that your tutorials are available for sign-up.

It's useful to know that:

  • Tutorials will be automatically saved when you select them.
  • There is no logout button, so remember to close your browser session if you are using a public or shared computer.