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Course changes and re-enrolment

Find out how to add or drop courses, sign up for Trimester 3 courses, re-enrol for each new academic year, and get course planning advice.

Re-enrol for each academic year

If you’re doing a degree (or any qualification across multiple years), you need to re-enrol for each academic year by selecting your courses and paying your fees. If you're an international student, you'll also need to renew your visa for every new year of your studies.

If you want to change your programme, you'll need to talk to your Student Success Adviser and get accepted into the new degree before choosing your courses. If you're an international student, you'll need to contact Wellington University International to change your programme of study.

Guide to re-enrolment Re-enrolment for international students

Plan your studies

Use the myDegree tool to figure out the courses you need to complete your degree, major, or minor, or contact your Student Success Adviser for course planning advice.

You can add or drop courses before the course changes deadline at the beginning of each trimester. You can withdraw from courses after this deadline, for example, if exceptional circumstances prevent you from completing the course.

If you've studied in Trimester 1 or 2, you can easily add courses in Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 of the same academic year.

Plan your degree Course additions and withdrawals

Limited-entry programmes and courses

We limit entry into some of our qualifications, majors, and courses. These limits are in place either because the programme or course is oversubscribed or because students need a specific level of achievement to have a reasonable chance of success in the programme.

You need to apply by 1 November if you want a place in a limited-entry programme, and by 1 December for individual limited-entry courses.

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