Your first trimester

Your first trimester will bring new expectations, experiences and challenges. Find out what to expect so you can make the most of it.


The first weeks of university life

You may face new challenges and experience as you navigate independent study and meeting new people. If you have moved to Wellington, you may be struggling with homesickness and a new environment.

How to prepare


The six-week dip

Once a few weeks have passed, you might find yourself under pressure as your first assignment deadlines come up. You may still be adjusting to your living situation, and could be confronted with financial difficulties or health issues.

How to prepare


Settling in

As you adjust to a more proactive study routine and life at university, it’s important to remember that there is still help available whenever you need it.


This can be a stressful time as you handle final assessments and exams.

How to prepare

Celebrate the end of your first trimester!

  • Reflect on your time
  • Confirm your courses for next trimester and get advice from your Student Success adviser
  • Enjoy the mid-year break with friends and family

Student Guide

This guide is for current students to help you find what you need to study successfully—information on services, workshops and opportunities on how to get involved at Victoria University of Wellington.

Getting Started Guide

This guide introduces new students to Victoria University of Wellington as well as provides services, information and support to help all students succeed in study and student life