Student interest and conflict resolution

It’s important to us that our students study, live, and socialise in a supportive and respectful environment.

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The Student Interest team is a central point for students to receive advice and support about responding to threatening, inappropriate and concerning behaviour. By identifying concerns early, Student Interest works across the University to respond and resolve issues in a supportive and non-adversarial manner. They assess risks, identify support needs, and work alongside you and others to ensure a safer community.

You can have a confidential conversation or receive advice from the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team about any of the following:

  • threatening or aggressive behaviour
  • bullying or harassment
  • sexually harmful behaviour
  • unwanted attention
  • racism, xenophobia, homophobia, discriminatory, inequitable, or hateful behaviours
  • concerns for your safety or the safety of someone else
  • worries about someone’s wellbeing or welfare
  • family violence
  • conflict and complaints.

Our Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team are available to support students and staff experiencing conflict, or who have a complaint or an issue with anyone in the university community.

To have a confidential conversation or receive advice, contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team through our online form or at

University’s response to sexually harmful behaviour

The University is committed to supporting a learning environment that is free from sexually harmful behaviour.

Read more about the University's response to sexually harmful behaviour.

We have worked with Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association, the University's Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group, and external specialist services to create this section of our website. We want to continue to work with our community to ensure accessible and accurate information. Feel free to pass on any feedback to