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The University respects the rights of all survivors/victims of sexually harmful behaviour to be in control of decisions affecting them, wherever practicable.

Sexually harmful behaviours include:

  • sexual harassment
  • sexual assault
  • any form of unwanted sexual advance
  • request for sexual favours
  • any other unwanted behaviour that is sexual in nature.

It can be verbal, visual, or physical, and could involve electronic forms of communication.

At the University all sexually harmful behaviour is managed through the Sexual Harassment Response Policy and Procedures.

Students and staff at the University have a number of options if they choose to disclose or report sexually harmful behaviour. It is your right to decide which of the below reporting options you wish to follow, if any.

Talking to someone

If you want to talk to someone about your experience and find out more information about your reporting options and/or what support is available, you or your support person can talk to the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team in confidence. You can decide whether you want to take any further steps.

Seeking guidance and assistance from the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team informally does not disqualify you from taking further steps at a later time if you eventually choose to do so.

You can contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team if you have experienced sexually harmful behaviours and would like to discuss your options.

This can be done:

  • in person
  • by email
  • over the phone
  • via the online reporting tool.

Online reporting tool

Use the online tool to make a disclosure or complaint, or to request more information about your options.

If you are a former student, please contact

Staff tool Student tool