Seminars are one of the three key components of WILP. You can find out more about the topics and seminars here.

During the course of your degree programme as a WILP participant, you are required to attend a total of 12 seminars and submit reflective feedback on each, demonstrating your participation and personal views. Most seminars are held in person but a number of seminars are offered online.

The seminars are led by a variety of professionals from all walks of life, including Victoria University of Wellington academics, officials from the public and private sector, NGOs and civil society, as well as representatives from international organisations. Topics vary depending on their areas of interest, expertise and experience but will focus on themes of global leadership, global connectedness, intercultural communication, internationalisation of higher education and sustainability.

The twelve seminars include four compulsory seminars and eight elective seminars.

The compulsory seminars, which are available every trimester, are:

  • Global Leadership
  • Global Interdependence
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Aotearoa New Zealand in the World

Elective seminars will be advertised on Nuku and CareerHub. Below is a small sample of past elective seminars:

  • Hot Spots in the Asia-Pacific and Implications for New Zealand
  • Sustainability as a concept: Agenda 2030 & SDGs
  • Politics and Performance: Deconstructing Identity and Political Representation
  • Taku Toa Takitini: Leadership in Te Ao Māori
  • Far Right and Anti-Racist Heathenry in the United Kingdom
  • To Be or Not to Be a Global Citizen in the 21st Century?
  • Touring the Screen: Film-Tourism in New Zealand
  • What Makes a Sustainable University?
  • Simulated Track II Diplomacy (with the Asia New Zealand Foundation)
  • New Zealand-China Relations in an Age of Uncertainty
  • Volunteering for the SDGs: sharing skills in tropical places (with VSA & MFAT)
  • Charismatic Political Leadership

As WILP is an interdisciplinary programme catering to a range of students , please note that some seminars are intended to serve only as a primer on topics within the WILP thematic scope. WILP seminars are held during Trimesters 1 and 2.