Fees for international students

Find out all you need to know about fees if you are an international student.

Important fee information

Tuition fees are calculated on a per point basis. Each course has a number of points associated with it, so the amount charged will vary depending on your choice of courses.

Additional costs

Some courses have additional costs for items such as study materials, equipment or field trips. Some administrative costs are also applicable. A full list of these administrative costs can be viewed in Appendix D of the Fees Statute.

Renew or extend your insurance

You must have approved medical and travel insurance for the length of your student visa. If you’re studying in New Zealand for more than a year, you need to renew your insurance.

International tuition fees for 2020 (incl gst)

International tuition fee bands for subject categories

Undergraduate Per point ($) Average full time (120 points) ($)
Humanities and Social Sciences 222.05 26,646.00
Education 209.53 25,143.60
Music 265.87 31,904.40
Health and Midwifery 234.65 28,158.00
Commerce 235.76 28,291.20
Law 272.25 32,670.00
Science 254.10 30,492.00
Design 268.14 32,176.80
Architecture 279.25 33,510.00
Engineering 283.56 34,027.20
Postgraduate taught* Per point ($) Average full time (120 points) ($)
Humanities and Social Sciences 242.83 29,139.60
Education 238.08 28,569.60
Music 286.53 33,83.60
Commerce 248.33 27,99.60
Law 282.35 33,882.00
Science 293.69 35,242.80
Design 300.51 36,061.20
Architecture 312.82 37,538.40
Engineering 304.71 36,565.20
Health, Nursing and Midwifery 237.71 28,525.20

Postgraduate taught courses listed above includes Honours and Postgraduate Thesis.

Calculate your fees

You can get an idea of what your fees for the year will be by using the Fees estimator.

We make every effort to ensure the information it presents is accurate, the Fees estimator is indicative only. Your final fees account will be calculated and invoiced by Victoria University of Wellington upon acceptance of your enrolment application.

Other compulsory fees

All students enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington are required to pay the following fees.

Student Services Levy

The levy is a contribution towards student support services delivered by and through Victoria University of Wellington to support and facilitate the best academic outcomes for all students. Refer to Appendix A in the Student Services Levy Policy for a full list of services.

Additional payment may be required to access some goods, services or amenities.

  • Internal students: $822.00 (2020).
  • Distance students: $411.00 (2020).

For details regarding students who qualify for reduced Student Services Levy rates, refer to the Student Service Levy Policy or the Student Services Levy FAQs for a full list of services.

Student Assistance Levy

This levy is used to assist students suffering exceptional financial hardship.

  • 2020: $27.60 for all students