You must complete our online form to order a prescription of medication.

A prescription for medication may, in some circumstances, be obtained without a doctor consultation if the medication has been previously prescribed within the past 12 months.

Before you request another prescription, please check that your pharmacy does not have any repeat prescriptions awaiting collection.

Plan ahead so you do not run out of medication. Mauri Ora has different operating hours during particular periods, e.g. over Christmas and New Year's. Please check our opening hours if you're not sure.

If you have accidentally run out of medication, a short-term supply may be prescribed in the interim only and an appointment made with the doctor for a later date.

Prescriptions are provided at the discretion of our clinicians.

  • Urgent requests have a one business day turnaround and will incur a $15 fee.
  • Redirection requests will incur a $15 fee.
  • Non-urgent requests will be processed within 48–72 hours of receipt. These will incur no fee.
  • If requiring antidepressant or controlled drugs you may need to make an appointment with a doctor.
  • If further details are required a nurse will ring you - make sure you answer your phone.
  • An additional service fee of $19.50 may be incurred if the Student Services Fee no longer covers you for the academic year.

Repeat prescription form

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