Make a disclosure

I want the University to keep a record of the incident but not take any specific action.

You may want a record kept of your experience but you do not want a formal investigation. In this situation you can make a disclosure. You may consider this option if you do not want the University to investigate, or take any specific action in response to the incident, but you do want it to be recorded by the University.

You can identify yourself or make a disclosure anonymously through the online reporting tool or by contacting the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team.

There will be limitations on any action that the University can take in respect of a disclosure.

You might later decide that you want to make a complaint about the same incident. If you wish the University to investigate or to take any specific action the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team can provide guidance about how to do this.

The information provided in a disclosure will be retained by the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team. The information will be treated confidentially.

Further action will not be taken without your consent unless there appears to be a serious and imminent threat to you or someone else.

If there are concerns about risk of harm, or other significant concerns about health and safety, we may be required to communicate or seek advice with external specialists or external stakeholders or take other actions to protect you or others.

Wherever possible this will be done in a collaborative manner and in consultation with you.

Online reporting tool

If you are a former student, please contact

Use the online tool to make a disclosure or complaint, or to request more information about your options.

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