All students pay tuition fees and compulsory levies. Calculate how much your courses will cost.

Domestic and international student fees

Your enrolment is confirmed once you’ve signed and returned an Offer of Study, Change of Course form, or any document formally agreeing your acceptance into a course. You are then liable for the fees unless you formally withdraw before the appropriate dates.

Domestic students are charged tuition fees at a different rate to international students.

How to pay

There are various ways you can pay your fees. Learn about the different methods.

Fees-free tertiary study

First-time tertiary domestic learners may be eligible for fees-free study. Find out more about fees-free study at this university.

Other compulsory fees

Along with course fees, all students enrolled at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington are required to pay a Student Services Levy and Student Assistance Levy.

Student Services Levy

The levy is a contribution towards student support services delivered by and through the University to support and facilitate the best academic outcomes for all students. Refer to Appendix 1 in the Student Services Levy Procedure for a full list of services. You may need to pay extra to access some goods, services, or amenities.

Levy for 2022

From 2022, the Student Services Levy will be calculated on a per-point basis capped at 150 points. How much you need to pay will depend on how many points you are enrolled in and where you are based for your study.

If you will be primarily studying from within the Wellington region, and if you are able to attend most of your required lectures and tutorials in person, your Student Services Levy will be calculated at $8.48 per point.

If you will be studying from elsewhere within New Zealand or from overseas, and if you are unable to attend most of your lectures and tutorials in person, your Student Services Levy will be calculated at $4.24 per point.

To facilitate the move to this new structure, some students enrolled in 2021 are eligible for a rebate in 2022. These are outlined in the 2022 Student Services Levy Procedure.

Student Assistance Levy

This levy is used to assist students suffering exceptional financial hardship. In 2022, the Student Assistance Levy is $28 (GST included) for all students.

Additional costs

Some courses have additional costs for items such as study materials, equipment, or field trips. Some administrative costs are also applicable. A full list of these administrative costs can be viewed in the Fees Policy.