Preparing for December 2024 graduation

Get all the information you need to attend a graduation ceremony in December, and find out when your ceremony will be held.

Preparing for graduation

Academic dress

Once you have applied to attend the graduation ceremonies, you can order your academic dress through Grad Gear. There is an early bird discount.

Check your name is correct

When you complete the application form, you have an opportunity to confirm if your legal name is correct. This will be the name printed on your qualification certificate, a legal document, so it's important to get this right. If you have recently changed your legal name, email certified documentation of your legal name changes to


The Graduation and Transition office will email you when it comes time to order your guest tickets. You do not need a ticket for yourself. You are guaranteed three guest tickets. You will be emailed a link to a form where you can request additional tickets OR return some/all of your guaranteed guest tickets. If you only require your guaranteed three guest tickets, there is no need to complete the form.

You do not need guest tickets for Te Hui Whakapūmau.

Announced name

You will be announced on stage by your preferred name and your legal last name, as indicated in Pūaha. If you have not indicated a preferred name, your legal first name will be used. Your full legal name, which may be different to your preferred name, will be printed on your qualification certificate.

Pronunciation of name

The Graduation and Transition office will email you a link where you will be able to record the pronunciation of your name.

Additional requirements

If you have additional requirements, including wheelchair access, there will be a form for you to complete. We will work to accommodate you so there are no barriers to your big moment.

If you have guests who have additional requirements, they can also complete the same form. For guests, there is step-free access to all floors and step-free access to seating on the lower level of the auditorium. We recommend that guests requiring easy access arrive when auditorium doors open, 45 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Even if your requirement is invisible, we want to hear from you. This form will be sent out via email.

Doctorate abstracts

If you are graduating with a Doctorate qualification (congratulations!), you will be asked to submit a short abstract summarising your thesis. You will be emailed a link to a form to complete this.

All doctorate graduates must complete the form confirming the pronunciation of their name, including the audio recording.


The graduation ceremonies will be live-streamed.  This is an opportunity for your friends, family and supporters to watch you cross the stage. They can also view a recording after the ceremony. Check our website for the links on the day.

December 2024 graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremony dates

Wednesday 11 December 2024

  • Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation
  • Wellington Faculty of Engineering
  • Wellington Faculty of Health
  • Wellington Faculty of Science

Thursday 12 December 2024

  • Wellington Faculty of Education
  • Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Wellington Faculty of Law
  • Wellington School of Business and Government/Faculty of Commerce

Te Hui Whakapūmau—Friday 13 December 2024

Te Hui Whakapūmau is an official university graduation ceremony based on tikanga Māori (Māori cultural practices).

Te Hui Whakapūmau will be held at the new Living Pā, which will be completed in November 2024.

Speak to someone

Graduation Office

Phone: 0800 04 04 04