Learning and teaching

We look forward to having more students back on campus.

More of our courses will be delivered with in-person components as well as support through our new Learning environment – Nuku. Attending workshops, field trips, placements, laboratories, tutorials and lectures provides you with rich opportunities to engage in learning. There will be differences between courses so make sure you are familiar with what is required for each course you enrol in.

There are many advantages to being on-campus. We know that for many of our courses, students are much more likely to more effectively engage with their learning if they attend lectures in-person than if they don’t (and attempt to complete the course online only). Engagement in a course is the best predictor of success. Students are also more likely to build a sense of community if they are engaged with staff and fellow students on campus. It can be quite isolating for some students to study fully online.

However, there will be some courses that will be available fully on-line. This will enable students who are unable to come to campus to complete one or more courses or for those who have need to complete their degrees commenced under COVID-19 restrictions and who are still unable to return to campus.

Dual mode delivery will continue to be an option in our business continuity planning if for any reason the campus has to close (e.g., natural disasters or further impacts of the pandemic). Nuku will enable far greater digital engagement if this was to happen than has been possible in previous years.

Accessing course content remotely

We understand that there may be times when students will want/need to access course content remotely (e.g., to view lecture recordings). Your course coordinator will explain how to do this in Nuku on the main course page.

If you cannot find this information, talk to your Student Success Adviser, who is there to assist you with any challenges you might have during the trimester. You can find your Student Success Adviser through Pūaha.

Studying while you have COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID-19 and are feeling well enough, you may still want to study while you are isolating.

Think about whether you have everything you need to be able to study at home.

Student Learning also has online resources to support you while you are studying remotely.

If you are studying at postgraduate level, make a plan for regular communication with your supervisor.