Making new connections

How often do we say 'hi' to the person sitting next to us? Get some helpful advice on how to build new relationships.

Going to university provides us with an opportunity to meet heaps of new people. This can feel exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time. Even though it can be a bit nerve racking, you just need to bite the bullet and put yourself out there.

To build stronger connections with people we meet, we have to move past just showing our image, and show our true selves, or ‘authentic’ self.  By showing our authentic self, we are easier to connect with, as people can relate to you.

Seven ways to connect at university

  1. Say 'hi' to the person next to you in a lecture.
  2. Create a study group.
  3. Listen and be in the moment. Don’t just think about the next clever thing to say.
  4. Share lecture notes.
  5. Don’t mind what strangers think. Occasional rejection is all part of it.
  6. Keep an open mind—try talking to people who you feel are different from you.
  7. Keep it light. Smile and don’t take things too seriously. (Remember, you’re awesome!)

For more ideas about connecting with other, download our printable guide.

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